Our various accomplishments on intelligent medical devices (IMD) confered us an expertise that is renown world wide in the field of electronics dedicated to biomedical applications. These achievements allowed us to develop a thorough knowledge of mixed (analog/digital) circuits and systems in both discrete and integrated electronics.

Thus, our research activities cover much more than biomedical implants design and it takes places in the circuits and systems design for multiple applications:

✮ Wearable multimodal EEG/fNIRS neuroimaging and stroke prediction;

✮ Biosensor, and Lab-on-chip for neurotransmitters and living cells analysis;

✮ Epileptic seizures localization, onset detection and prediction;

✮ Vision age-related dysfunctions (AMD, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc.) rehabilitation;

✮ Neural coding and cortical stimulation to recover vision for blinds;

✮ Bladder controller and artificial sphincters addressing blockade and incontinence;

✮ Artificial intelligence algorithms for multi-modal data analysis;

✮ Analog and mixed-signal circuits intended for efficient deep-learning algorithms.

Emphasis Areas of Research