Inverted Fluorescence Microscope


Zeiss inverted fluorescence microscope equipped with a variety of Standard Contrast Techniques. LED light source and mercury lamp can observe brightfield, phase contrast, DIC, iHMC (improved Hoffman Modulation Contrast), fluorescence and other signals. Simple microscope body design, easy to use and operate.


Device Name Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Company ZEISS
Model Zeiss Axio Vert. A1.
  • Inverted design, with a variety of different adapters to observe different types of samples.
  • Objective has 10x, 20X, 40x, can realize the cell sample basic photography demand.
  • There are many types of open-field imaging mode (DIC, PH, IMMC) , which can select the best method to collect sample signal.
  • A variety of fluorescence (including Dapi, GFP, RFP) samples were observed.
  • Take color photos with a high dynamic range.
  • Software analysis function: Length Measurement, fluorescence intensity and so on.

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