Probe Station System


The Summit 11k probe station enables to make test measurements inside an integral, low-noise, shielded and light-tight MicroChamber. The chuck of it is isolated and guarded, making it ideal for ultra-low-level leakage DC and CV measurements. The chuck guard connects to the external test equipment’s Source Monitor Unit (SMU) guard. A connection panel provides convenient triaxial or quadraxial connections. The low-capacitance, guarded-chuck environment enables you to make accurate current and voltage measurements. The chuck significantly reduces measurement-settling time and eliminates the need to make offset capacitance corrections. Two Kelvin-type triax connectors for chuck-bias voltage and sense, or for chuck grounding, are located on the left back of the MicroChamber. The access door includes an interlock switch and connector so you can automatically turn off the chuck biasing power supply when you open the door.


Device Name Probe Station System
Company 美博科技(苏州)有限公司
Model Summit11k
  • Isolated and guarded chuck
  • Convenient triaxial or quadraxial connections
  • Low-capacitance, guarded-chuck environment
  • Low measurement-settling time

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