Hybrid Rework Station


This equipment has the function of desoldering, placement, soldering and inspection. It has many emitters, a hybrid emitter on the top and 3 IR emitters on the bottom. They can heat the board at the same time to prevent the board from bending. The equipment is more suitable for devices that are difficult to weld manually, such as BGA, QFN packages. It can support the PCB size from 20mm×20mm to 382mm×300mm and the component size from 0.2mm×0.4mm to 70mm×70mm.


Device Name Hybrid Rework Station
Company Ersa
Model HR 550
  • 1500W hybrid heating head, combined with medium wave infrared heating and hot air heating
  • Large-area IR bottom heating in 3 heating zones (3 X 800W)
  • Integrated vacuum pipette for component removal and placement
  • Highly accurate placement with integrated force sensor
  • Enhanced Visual Assistant (EVA)
  • Computer aided component placement

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