Chair Professor Mohamad Sawan attended the Future Health Forum in Hangzhou

On February 17th, 2023, the Future Health Forum was successfully held in the Future Technology City of Hangzhou. Experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from the global healthcare industry gathered together to explore the innovative development of digital healthcare.

Mohamad Sawan, Fellow of the Royal Society of Sciences of Canada, Chair Professor in Westlake University, and founder of CenBRAIN Neurotech, was invited to give a speech to share his research results and insights at the conference. As an internationally renowned scientist in the field of biomedical electronics and a pioneer in the brain-machine interface field, Professor Sawan's speech attracted wide attention from the audience. He first introduced his main research areas, which include the application of brain-machine interface technology to improve the quality of life of neurologically damaged patients and the application of smart medical devices to accelerate the screening of brain diseases. These representative achievements provide important theoretical and engineering foundations for the diagnosis, treatment, and prediction of brain diseases worldwide, and are of great significance for promoting the development of the field of biomedical electronics.

Subsequently, Professor Sawan stated that Hangzhou has an excellent research environment and services, which is very conducive to encouraging researchers to explore academic frontiers and the integration of research and industry, making it an excellent place to incubate high-tech startups. He also emphasized that brain-machine interface technology has inspiring significance for the development of medical devices and will have a profound impact on the field of biomedical electronics.

In recent years, with the popularity of the metaverse concept, brain-machine interface technology has become one of the important underlying technologies for building the metaverse. In China, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the application of information technology in the medical field. Professor Sawan's sharing not only answered how to provide more intelligent diagnosis and treatment services in the field of biomedical electronics but also "unlocked" the infinite possibilities in the field of brain science.

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