Congratulations to Yi SU on his successful Ph.D. thesis defense

Congratulations to Yi SU on his successful Ph.D. thesis defense, and for Chair Professor Mohamad Sawan on his supervision of this thesis project.

On the afternoon of November 9, a School of Engineering dissertation defense was held in the room 216 of Building E2, Yungu Campus of Westlake University. Yi SU, a Ph.D. candidate of CenBRAIN Neurotech Center of Excellence, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation having the title " Biosensing devices for neurotransmitters and Pseudo-vesicles based on dark-field spectroscopy".

Professor Shaomin Zhang from Zhejiang University was invited to be the chair of the defense committee, Professor Dingyi Pan and Professor Yingke Xu from Zhejiang University, Professor Lan Li from Westlake University, and Professor Fanxin Liu from Zhejiang University of Technology, Professor Junhui Shi from Zhijiang Lab were the members of the defense committee, and Research Associate Professor Sumin Bian, from Westlake University, was the secretary of this evaluation committee. A number of CenBRAIN Neurotech Center of Excellence members attended the defense.


Detecting abnormal neurotransmission and synaptic vesicle levels and further investigating the secretory ability of neurons is a promising strategy to diagnose brain diseases and conduct neuroscience research.  

Yi Su Ph.D. dissertation aims to address the aforementioned challenges by designing and implementing a dark-field spectral detection device. It is divided into two devices based on the different sensing components: dark-Field resonance Rayleigh scattering spectroscopy device and microcavity dark-field reflectance spectroscopy device. The aim is to provide novel methods for studying the relationship between dopamine concentration after neuronal stimulation and synaptic vesicle concentration in neurodegenerative diseases.


Yi SU is focusing on designing and realizing the optimal and electric nano/micro devices, which can be used to monitor the secretory ability of neurons and to show the morphology of neurons.

Journal Papers

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[4]  Yi Su, Sumin Bian and Mohamad Sawan. Real-time in vivo detection techniques for neurotransmitters: A review. Analyst, 2020.145. (Cover of Analyst)

[5]  Yi Su, Ben Wang et al. Non-inertial reference system, functional microsphere-integrated filter chip for the isolation of circulating tumor cells. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2019. 11 (33).

Book Chapter

[1]  Yi Su, Mohamad Sawan. Supercapacitors: Fabrication Challenges and Trends. In: Stevic, Z. M., editor. Updates on Supercapacitors [Su, 2022 #560Working Title] [Internet]. London: IntechOpen; 2022 [cited 2022 Oct 11].

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