Prof. Jianshi Tang invited by Prof. Sawan gave a seminar in Westlake University

On March 15th, Dr. Jianshi Tang from Tsinghua University visited CenBRAIN and offered a seminar entitled "Computation-In-Memory with Memristors for Neuromorphic Computing".

In his talk, he described the challenges of designing Brain-inspired AI, and the concept of computing with memristor, as well as the challenges in scaling and optimization of memristors. He also reported the status of his team research work on memristors-based chip, dynamic memristor-based artificial dendrite, and applications on seizure prediction using memristor-based finite impulse response (FIR) filter bank.

The seminar attracted various PIs and researchers from School of Engineering and School of Life Sciences and many questions were raised and discussed. Following the seminar, common interests were discussed between Prof. Tang’s group and CenBRAIN.