Professor Sawan offered a keynote speech on ICFEICT 2021 in Changsha

On May 22nd, Professor Sawan attended the International Conference on Frontiers of Electronics, Information and Computation Technologies (ICFEICT 2021) that was held in Changsha. He offered a keynote speech titled "Toward Smart Microsystems for Effective Recovery of Brain Functions". He provided examples of smart medical devices that are used for diagnostics, diseases prediction, and potential recovery of vital functions.
ICFEICT2021 was held in Changsha, Hunan. It attracts more than 150 scholars from all over the country and more than 1,000 online international academic colleagues. The goal of ICFEICT 2021 is to promote research and development activities in Electronics, Information and Computing Technologies, as well as to promote in-depth exchanges and discussion between researchers, engineers, students in the fields of networking, smart chip technology, signal processing, car networking, intelligent transportation systems, optical technology, and robotics.