Chaoming Fang

  • 2021 B.S. Beihang University



Chaoming Fang received his B.S. degree in Instrumentation Science and Technology from Beihang University, Beijing, China, in 2021. He worked as a research intern in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2021. He joined the Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research on Advanced Integrated-on-chips Neurotechnologies (CenBRAIN Neurotech), School of Engineering, Westlake University, Hangzhou, China in 2021, where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree.

Research Interests and Project 

Chaoming is interested in energy-efficient processing algorithms and machine learning accelerator VLSI design for biomedical applications. He is now working on the design for biosignals’ processor with reconfigurable on-chip learning and inference of neuromorphic computing. The purpose of his project is to achieve high adaptability to different patients and low-power consumption for real-time monitoring.

Representative Publications

[1] C. Fang, Z. Shen, F. Tian, J. Yang and M. Sawan, "A Compact Online-Learning Spiking Neuromorphic Biosignal Processor ", Accepted in IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), May 2022 

[2] C. Fang, H. Derbyshire, W. Sun, J. Yue, H. Shi and Y. Liu, "A Sort-Less FPGA-Based Non-Maximum Suppression Accelerator using Multi-Thread Computing and Binary Max Engine for Object Detection," 2021 IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (A-SSCC), 2021, pp. 1-3, doi: 10.1109/A-SSCC53895.2021.9634708 

[3] C. Fang, B. He, Y. Wang, J. Cao, and S. Gao, "EMG-Centered Multisensory Based Technologies for Pattern Recognition in Rehabilitation: State of the Art and Challenges, " Biosensors, vol. 10, no. 8, p. 85, Jul. 2020. doi: 

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