Mahdi Tarkhan
Postdoctoral Fellow 

  • 2018 Ph.D Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


  • 2009 M.S Sharif University of Technology


  • 2007 B.S. Islamic Azad University



Mahdi Tarkhan received his B.S. degree from Islamic Azad University (Iran). He obtained his M.S. degree in electronics, from Sharif University of Technology. In 2018, he obtained his Ph.D. degree from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. After that, he served as the CEO of a knowledge base company in Iran. In Oct. 2020, he joined the Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research on Advanced Integrated-on-chips Neurotechnologies (CenBRAIN Neurotech) as a postdoctoral fellow, where he is focusing on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design for biomedical applications.

Research Interests and Project 

Mahdi Tarkhan has been working on the implementation of brain-inspired algorithms on hardware. As part of his master's thesis, he developed a CMOS circuit to implement the Ink-Drop-Spread (IDS) method, which is the processing engine for Active Learning Method (ALM). He focused on memristors and fuzzy logic controllers while pursuing his Ph.D. He developed a fully programmable fuzzy logic controller based on memristors.  Presently, he is interested in analog and mixed-signal circuit design for biomedical devices and biosensors. He is researching noise reduction techniques and low-noise amplifier topologies and designs. He developed a method for low-flicker noise amplifier design using current density and corner frequency as design variables for transistor optimization. Additionally, he is developing a design methodology and transistor optimization techniques for chopper amplifiers. 

Representative Publications

[1] M. Tarkhan, M. Maymandi-Nejad, S. Haghzad Klidbary, and S. Bagheri Shouraki, “A Bridge Technique for Memristor State Programming,” International Journal of Electronics, 107(6), 1015–1030, 2020. 

[2] M. Tarkhan, and M. Maymandi-Nejad, “Design of a Memristor Based Fuzzy Processor,” AEU -International Journal of Electronics and Communications, 84, 331–341, 2018. 

[3] M. Tarkhan, S. B. Shouraki, and S. H. Khasteh, “A Novel Hardware Implementation of IDS Method,” IEICE Electronics Express, 6(23), 1626–1630, 2009. 

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