Chuanqing WANG

Chuanqing Wang
Ph.D. Student, started Sep. 2019
B.S. Harbin Engineering University


Chuanqing WANG received the B.S. degree in material science and engineering from Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China. He participated in summer program of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science in Tsinghua-Peking University. He joined Cutting-Edge Net of Biomedical Research And Innovation (CenBRAIN) and became a PhD Candidate of Westlake University.

Research Interests

Chuanqing is interested in algorithm about predicting biologically interpretable spike signal for vision restoration. Meanwhile, he also focuses on the design of low-power digital chip for processing component of visual prostheses. Finally, he also want to build a complete visual prosthesis system including camera, digital processor and photostimulator for the blind.