Jia YU

Jia Yu
Ph.D. Student, started Sep. 2020
Email: yujia@westlake.edu.cn
B.E. Zhejiang University of Technology, M.S. Zhejiang University of Technology, and M.S. University of Edinburgh

Research Interests

Jia is interested in many advanced techniques, like machine learning, reinforcement learning, brain-computer interface, data visualization etc. As a former product designer, he is also interested in Human Computer Interacting. Now Jia is currently interested in combining machine learning algorithm with medical hardware. His dream is to develop a novel hardware augmented by AI to help people living a better life. That needs not only software technology but also hardware and system design. He also has special interested in Multiple Sclerosis’ predicting as one of his best friends suffering from it.

Representative Publications

[1] Tang Y, Yu J, Li C, et al. Visual analysis of multimodal movie network data based on the double-layered view, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 2015, 11(10): 906316.
[2] Multiple Views of Multimodal Movie Data Visualization published in 2016 China Visualization Conference.