Xi Yang
Ph.D. Student, started Sep. 2019
Email: yangxi@westlake.edu.cn
B.Sc., Shihezi University, and M.Sc., Shihezi University


Xi Yang received the Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural Mechanization & Automation and Computer Science & Technology in 2016, and the Master degree in Agricultural Engineering in 2019 from Shihezi University, Xinjiang, China. Now, she is a Ph.D. student in CenBRAIN Lab., Westlake University since 2019.

Research Interests

Xi Yang is interested in the non-invasive imaging technique, multi-physical modeling and simulation, signal process, and image reconstruction. She focuses on photoacoustic imaging of the human brain. Present, she works on numerical analysis to simulate multi-physical processes to understand the generation and propagation mechanism of photoacoustic signals inside the human brain. The project is expected to achieve imaging brain in the deep region.

Representative Publications

[1] Xi Yang, Yun-Hsuan Chen, Fen Xia and Mohamad Sawan., "Photoacoustic Imaging for High-accuracy Monitoring of Stroke Diseases: A Review", Photoacoustics, (submitted, March 2021). [2] Xi Yang, Ruoyu Zhang, Zhiqiang Zhai, Yujie Pang, Zuohui Jin. Machine learning for cultivar classification of apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) based on shape features. Scientia Horticulturae, Vol. 256(15), pp. 108524,October 2019.LINK