Yi Su
Ph.D. Student, started Apr. 2019
Email: suyi@westlake.edu.cn
B.S., Qingdao University, and M.Sc., Zhejiang University


Yi Su majored in chemistry and turn to medical science later. His research includes micro-manufacturing and diagnostic medical device. He had mainly participated in many research projects including: (1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (81401541), (2) Key Project of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department (2014C03048-2), (3) Tencent Foundation Project, Markless Biosensor for Accurate Field Detection of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and others.

Research Interests

Yi Su is particularly interested in obtaining electrical and biological signals from nervous system. He designed and fabricated electrochemical and optical sensing devices to monitoring the concentration of neurotransmitters from single neuron. Now, his project is to find the relationship between the neurodegeneration diseases and neurotransmitters.

Representative Publications

[1] Yi Su, Sumin Bian and Mohamad Sawan, "Real-time in vivo detection techniques for neurotransmitters: A review", Analyst, 2020,145, 6193-6210. LINK
[2] Yi Su, Qingchang Tian, Hui L, Qi Zhang, Wei Tian, Dahong Qian, and Ben Wang, "Antibody-FunctionalMicrosphere-Integrated Filter Chip with Inertial Microflow for Size-Immune-Capturing and Digital Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2019, 11, 33, 29569-29578. LINK