Beibei XU
Research Assistant 

  • 2017 B.S. Xinyang Normal University



Beibei Xu graduated from Xinyang Normal University, majoring in biotechnology. In 2017, she joined Foxconn Lankao Science Park as administrative assistant. In 2019, she joined Shanghai Haobai Biotechnology Co., LTD., mainly engaged in the construction of various human tumor organoids and drug sensitivity test. In 2023, she joined Shanghai Huaaoxin Life Science Co., LTD., as an research assistant, responsible for organoid culturing, drug sensitivity test, and the construction of human lung airway model. She joined CenBRAIN Neurotech Center of Excellence, as research assistant dealing with in the research activities of culture and drug sensitivity testing of various tumor organoids and brain organoids.

Research Interests and Project 

Beibei Xu acquired deep knowledge on culturing multiple organoids and achieved 3D organoid culture and drug sensitivity test. Previously, she developed experience on testing drug sensitivity for liver cancer. She contributed to the construction of colorectal cancer database. She has experience with various adherent-cell cultures (e.g., HEK-R,L-WRN, 293B/R), the extraction and culture of tumor cells in pleural fluid and ascites, and the extraction of PBMC in blood samples. Currently, she is focusing on brain organoid culture and applications in screening drug and testing various biosensors.

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