Xurong Gao

  • 2023 B.S. South China Agricultural University



Xurong Gao has completed his B.S. degree in mechanization and automation in June 2023 from South China Agricultural University, China. During his undergraduate studies, he received several international competition honors in robotics and entrepreneurship. He is a visiting student at the Center of Excellence in Biomedical Research on Advanced Integrated-on-chips Neurotechnologies (CenBRAIN Neurotech) of Westlake University from April 2023 to August 2023. He is heading to start his Ph.D. program in September 2023 in CenBRAIN Neurotech.

Research Interests and Project 

Xurong Gao focuses on noninvasive brain-computer interfaces, specifically targeting the Electroencephalogram (EEG) to study brain activities and find potential relationships between EEG and Symptoms of diseases. He is working to find out biomarkers from EEG and to use AI methods to judge meth addiction.

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